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At Perspective Advisors, we believe True Wealth is comprised of far more than money:

Drivers of Success

Creative Innovation
and Ideas

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Favorable Experience

Commitment to
In-force Management

“If you wish to prosper, let your customer prosper.”

— Frederick Bastiat 19th century French economist

About the Founder

RSK - Website PhotoR. Scott Krizek, CFP®, CLU
scott@perspectiveadvisors.com | (262) 421-1224

Scott Krizek is the founder and Principal of Perspective Advisors. He has been serving clients in financial matters for 20 years. He holds the Certified Financial Planner designation and approaches all areas of personal and corporate finance from a planning perspective.
His expertise lies in understanding what is important to his clients and designing planning and product strategies to help them achieve their goals.

He received his undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Administration from Vanderbilt University. In 2001, he completed his MBA at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

He is married to Megan and has two daughters, Molly and Lily.

Balance is a key value to Scott. In his free time he enjoys distance running. To date he has completed 56 marathons in 34 states including the Boston Marathon.

In 2011, he and 61 others earned a Guinness World Record by running the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon while linked together with a rope. This stunt was a benefit for Scott’s close friend Jenny Crain.

In 2001, he traded in his running shoes for a bicycle and rode 4,555 miles across the United States to raise money for Leukemia research.